Erica was born in Milan, and there she lives. Image and communication have been standard practice since she was a child thanks to her mother’s communication firm.

Coached as a photographer by various photographers ranging from lifestyle to interior design, photography has become her main activity and over time her professional life has embraced new activities:  image editing & retouching.

These skills enhanced by her academic education and early job as a graphic designer refine her professional performance broadening her sense of perspective on images; her penetrating mind makes her be professionally growing.

Acknowledgements _ Erica would like to extend her deep and heartfelt thanks to each and everyone who played a significant personal and professional role in her development through their teachings and collaboration: Franco Achilli, Adriano Brusaferri, Elena Caponi, Fulvia Carmagnini, Federico Cedrone, Andrea Ferrari, A.G. Fronzoni, Rosaria Galli, Maurizia Galliazzo, Melania Galliazzo, Cristina Gigli, Paola Girardi, Marzia Marone, Maurizio Milani, Laura Mauceri, Donatella Palazzoli, Laura Ragazzola, Alessandra Salaris, Sabina Spada, Osvaldo Spagnulo, MIchelangelo Tagliaferri, Giuliana Viel, Giordano Vignati, Cora Vohwinkel, Candida Zanelli, Francesca Zurlo, Cantiere Bovisa e Spazio65.

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